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Brazen Sabre 2.0 Sound & Floor Rocker Chair


Brazen Sabre 2.0 Sound & Floor Rocker Chair


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BraZen Sabre 2.0 Surround Sound Gaming Chair is in our opinion by design best in class for chairs of its type:

  • quality speakers
  • quality furnishing
  • quality style and functionality

The BraZen brand is a British brand which is recognised for producing gaming chairs which are “by design best in class!”.

BraZen Sabre 2.0 Surround Sound Gaming Chair is a fun, functional and stylish piece of furniture. The chair is mains powered and has two embedded speakers to provide a quality surround sound experience.

The chair connects either directly or indirectly to almost any device creating an audio sound including the XboxOne and PS4.

By design the chair is very comfortable and easy to fold and store when not in us.

The chair looks good with the black, grey and red breathable mesh fabric covering which is comfortable for long gaming, musical or cinematic sessions.

The chair comes with all the cables you require to connect to any device with an audio output jack.

The easiest way to connect to your games consoles is to connect to the audio output of the television or monitor to which the games console is connected.



BraZen Sabre 2.0 Surround Sound Gaming Chair adalah salah satu produk jenis Brazen yang sangat menyenangkan digunakan. Kursi game ini bisa terkoneksi langsung maupun tidak langsung ke hampir semua produk game box, seperti XboxOne dan PS4. Dengan desain yang sangat nyaman dan mudah dilipat, kursi game Sabre ini dapat menjadi pilihan Anda berpengalaman dengan permainan yang Anda jalankan.


  • 2.0 Kabel Audio
  • Control Panel: Euro DC 6 volt/ 1 A
  • Logo BraZen pada sandaran kepala
  • Kabel audio, EU/UK adaptor beserta instruksinya
  • Bahan: Jaring hitam, abu-abu, merah
  • Ukuran Kursi: 75 cm X 42 cm X 72 cm.
  • Berat Kursi: 8,4 kg
  • Bisa dilipat untuk memudahkan penyimpanan

Spesifikasi Audio, dapat dikoneksikan dengan hampir semua divais yang kompatibel, seperti:

  • PS4
  • PS3
  • Wii
  • Xbox One
  • Xbox 360
  • Televisi
  • MP3 Player
  • Smartphone

Additional information

Weight 8.5 kg
Dimensions 72 × 46 × 75 cm


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