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BraZen Gaming Chairs (BraZen Kursi Gaming) were delighted to co-sponsor the very successful Jakarta Games Week event held on 29 – 30 July 2017 at Neo Soho Shopping Mall, Jakarta.

The event was very well attended with the feedback from all who attended being very positive. It was a particularly colourful event with many of the attendees taking a lot of effort in dressing up to attend the event in character costume.

Include lots of pictures from the event here









The event included Abugetcup 2017 Fighting Game International Tournament which appeared to attract the largest crowds to watch the highly skilled professional gamers from many countries. The enthusiasm and vocal partisanship of the watching e-Sports fans was at least comparable to that which one would expect to engage with at a more traditional sports event.

The other events to take place included Cosplay Football Game National Tournament, Retro Arcade, Virtual Reality Gaming Experience Area and Pokemon TCG League Cup.

The number one British owned brand – BraZen Gaming Chairs – were honoured to be able to supply the gaming chairs that the participants and some of the audience were able to enjoy.

The Brazen Gaming Chairs on show at the event were:

BraZen Shadow PC Gaming Chair

BraZen Shadow Pro PC Gaming Chair

BraZen Spirit 2.1 Bluetooth Surround Sound Gaming Chair

BraZen Sabre 2.0 Surround Sound Gaming Chair





























Further detail about this show can be found here http://www.jakartagamefest.com/

Learning from this success, BraZen is looking forward to co-sponsor the similar events in the future.





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