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BraZen Gaming Chairs ( BraZen Kursi Gaming) : At It’s Heart A Good Business!

In the UK the business has been a regular supporter of local and national charities mainly through the active support and sponsorship of its employees or associates in there individual endeavours. For example, BraZen Gaming Chairs has this week committed £2,500 to sponsor an executive to run in the London Marathon in 2018 in support of the NSPCC.

Now that BraZen Gaming Chairs is becoming a more international operation it is appropriate to continue its modus operandi in the new locations in which it does business. Clearly in new territories we need to be sensitive to local culture.

BraZen Gaming Chairs (Kursi Gaming) has just launched its operation in Indonesia. We could not get the business up and running without the wonderful support of local people from whom we have learnt so much. Our approach in Indonesia has been to set ourselves the ambitious objective of not only running an ethical profitable business operation but to help establish and financially support an orphanage in a small village outside Yogyakarta.

This charitable venture is in its earliest stages but a building has been located and already has been substantially renovated. A nursery school run by volunteers has been established which is already attended by about 15 children aimed at giving these kids a good educational start in life.








We look forwards to updating you on what is BraZen Gaming Chairs largest and most adventurous charitable project yet. Watch this space!


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